PERU JOURNEY - 11.11.11 Galactic Portals Opening
more pics!

First Part of the sacred journey: Puno / Chucuito, Lake titicaca. Preparation for the 11.11.11 Celebration at Amaru Muro.

Second Part of the sacred journey: Bolivia, Isla del Sol and Isla de La Luna in the sacred Lake Titicaca - Ceremonies in connection with the Crystal City

Third Part of the sacred journey: Peru, Sacred Valley, Cusco and Machu Picchu - Suntemples Ceremonies in many ancient sacred places at ancient Sun Temples.

Our guide Marcelo explains us the symbol of the cross with three steps, the sign of the measure of time. we are on the Island of the Moon now, a beautiful ancient Temple of the Priestesses still stands tall and radiates it magical energy all around the shores of the sacred lake Titicaca

On the Temple court Marcelo shows us how time Sunlight and shadow move in cycles..........the moving of time is shown!

Temple on the Island of the Moon. We see the ancient form of the cross in the walls, where ornaments must have been

Temple on the Island of the Moon

Temple on the Island of the Moon

Temple on the Island of the Moon

Temple on the Island of the Moon

Most times after a ceremony we got a sign from Pachamama approving our "work". I loved this Heart in the clouds!!!!/FONT>

Through the beautiful dry landscape we drive from Lake Titicaca to Cusco........ crossing part of the high Andean Cordillera. As the tour company needed a large bus back in Cusco we are delighted. We have 60 seats for 15 people! YEYEYE! And always oxygen pumps with us! Some still need them!!!

Peru - ceremony is part of our daily experience and we thank Pachamama every day for her love and for giving life to so many wonderful beings.

Temple on the Island of the Moon

We cross 4300 meter height in the Andes, thin air...............little oxygin!!!!!

We arrive in Cusco!!! It is now so low in height for us, that the group is happy to be able to breath deeply again...........

Cusco City

Beautiful big birds are flying over us everywhere. Nature is amazing, we see animals, children, people happy!!! I have never seen such a high percentage of well fed animals (dogs, cats, donkeys, alpacas, llamas, cows, bulls, pigs etc.) in any South or Middle American country. My heart and soul are healing, it is such a joy to experience this beautiful and peaceful balance with Mother Earth.

We visited a rescue center on our route. So amazing to see 3 condors healing from their misfortune. One condor is checking our group and after several miniutes feels we are ok! We must have impressed him with our energies as he jumps on a pole and starts showing full length his wings front and back side.........I missed some as it came so fast as a surprise, before we could grap a camera...... I am honoured!!!!!


Cusco is a nice town, ancient Inka and Spanish buildings, Cathedrals and Churches. Time to go for dinner and have fun!!!!

Cusco dinner time

The corn (mais) we get as an apetizer is so large and tastes wonderful. Old childhood memories come back!!! This is how corn should taste!!! ALWAYS!!!!

Cusco dinner Show

The measurement of Time Sign is following us everywhere in Peru and Bolivia! Even on the pavement of the streets in Cusco!

Sacred Journey to Peru and Bolivia: first preparation of Ceremony at Machu Picchu, as always with 3 coca leaves to breath our wishes and visions for Mother Earth into them and set them free so all will manifest

We enter the pathway of the Condor formed by natural ancient rocks, it is the tunnel of the Condor/ Temple of the Condor in Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu - enjoying moments alone integrating the high energy some hidden spots radiate! Have to be careful not to fly to far away from the body!

Machu Picchu - part of my lovely group. We had so much fun and were fullfilled and grateful for all the service we could provide. Thank u PachaMama!

Machu Picchu - so many lightbeings are present, holding the portals for the sacred places and I am happy so many in the group see them. Machu Picchu is alive..................

Machu Picchu - enjoying that we are finally here. The weather was great, not too much sunshine, with lots of mystical clouds, sometimes foggy. It gave our experience the mystical touch!

Machu Picchu - Suntemple

Machu Picchu - Suntemple

Machu Picchu - our train

Machu Picchu -

Machu Picchu -

Machu Picchu - Brigitte in meditation

Machu Picchu -

Machu Picchu -

Machu Picchu -

Machu Picchu - Shavaty praying with the three coca leaves

Machu Picchu - most of the group listening to our guide. We all are happy to be able to visit this old Crystal City of the Incan Royalty.

We visit Ollantaytambo, Sacred Valley, Pisac, Moray and many other sacred places and Temples like Sachuamin.It seems unbelievable how all these enormous sites were created.........when I tune in only mind thought power and levitation comes! Perhaps in our future we will learn how blocs of granite can be put together so tight, not even a leaf or my finger can get between them!

The Crystal Skull, the corn, the sacred things we got along the way from Peruvian Shamans and Healers on the altar.

The looks of the many Llamas and alpacas is so beautiful, they seem to be kind and divine beings

From all sides of Lake Titicaca you can see the snowtops of the high Andean Mountains in the distance

The group is so happy with free shopping time in Cusco. Things are so beautiful, so colourful and the choice is enormous and people sweet!

Our final ceremony in Peru is arranged, coca leaves prepared,

We felt a strong call when planning this trip to Peru and Bolivia to be at the Tiwanaku Temples site in Bolivia, to visit many other ancient sacred places in Bolivia and the North of Chile, but as we were travelling already for 17 days, it was not meant to be (this time).

That trip is now scheduled for 2012. The energies of the New Times really seems to be sourced in this special South American part of the world and tuning into it is a major experience. When I ask where I should be at the end of the Great Cycle, at the end of 2012 always the same vision presents itself to me: In THAT part of mother Earth that holds the new energies for the new Great Cycle: Boliva, South of Peru and North of Chile.

Thank u for looking at these pictures and so being a part of the "journey"