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Carolina Hehenkamp and her spiritual work 1991 - 2011:
After a long successfull fashion design career, I started working as a spiritual teacher, coach, counsellor and healer in 1991. I have been leading transformational healing seminars in many parts of the world.

1999 I grounded the Indigo Children Lichtring with large informative websites for parents, doctors, teachers and the younger Indigos themselves. 4 books about the Indigo Phenomenon followed and are translated in many languages.

From 1999 till 2005 many could be supported to find a new understanding of what was happening to our world, why the children were different and what solutions could be practised.

It was a very intensive periode, and long hours of work with many wonderful people and children!!

After 15 years of ongoing spiritual, therapeutic counselling, coaching and giving Trainings, Workshops and Seminars a wonderful vision was shown to me. This brought me to the South Pacific for over 5 years from the end of 2005 till February 2011.

I lived on Easter Island for many years, visited many of the beautiful Pacific Islands, with the slow, relaxed pace of the south pacific ocean people, always having time to be, to enjoy, to share and to listen to the many colorful stories.

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