Aloha Spirit

Aloha is often used when greeting people (hello or goodbye); it means love, compassion, mercy and pity. Let us take a look at its more deeper meaning, as told to me by one of my wise kumus ( teachers, sources ). The "alo" is the top side of the plant, it is the side of the leaf that receives the sun. The backside of a leaf, the side that houses the spine, is called the "kua" (also known as God). Our "alo" is our frontal side. Our "kua" is our backside, which stands erect because of our spine, or our God. The "ha" is the spiritual breath of life. It comes from the heavens, the sun. So, when you tell someone aloha, you are telling them, may your "alo" always stand tall and receive the "ha"

Maui News März 1999

Bericht 2006 Reise Maui - Hawaii